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7 New Features That Will Make Your Job Easier

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

We’ve been working hard to fine-tune our CRM to give our customers the best experience possible when growing their senior living community. Here’s a list of some of the latest and greatest features to help make your job easier.

Searchable Call Transcriptions

Operators residing in states with one-party consent laws regarding call recordings will now have a transcript of all phone calls.

Auto-fill Addresses

When you start typing into the address line1 field, you will see autocomplete results. Click on a result to auto-fill in the address.


Add the ability for admins to add “banners” to display notices/reminders, etc to users within their own account. These banners can expire on certain days and reappear after a certain amount of days after being closed out.

Reporting Updates

We’ve included a “by floor” grouping function to the Occupancy report. Also, we’ve added a “floor” column for housing contract reports. “Heatmap” features in reporting now allows report users to highlight individual columns to more easily visualize data trends, ranking, and congruence.

Additional Email Signatures

For those users who are supporting multiple communities, you can now set up multiple signatures and easily switch between signatures when you are sending emails from different communities. That way, your branding stays in line with whichever community you are currently supporting.

Occupancy Goals Per Care Type

The operator can now set Occupancy Goals by care type instead of just for the entire community. The new “bulk occupancy goals” page now allows users to establish care type-specific occupancy goals for all communities or for individual communities!

Activity Summary

We’ve added an activity summary to make it easier to quickly view how many of each activity has been done with a prospect. You can see how many of each activity has been completed and drill down to those activity types to see results and a quick list.


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