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Engagement Scoring Made Easy. Made For You.

Sales directors face an unprecedented challenge in today's sales landscape: managing a historically high volume of leads. This surge not only stretches resources thin but also complicates the crucial task of prioritizing leads effectively. As a result, sales teams are often caught in a relentless cycle of quantity over quality, struggling to connect meaningfully with potential residents at the right time. Understanding and addressing this issue is key to transforming lead management into a strategic asset rather than a daunting obstacle.

💡 The solution: WelcomeHome Engagement Scoring! Sales director and prospect engagement data can highlight high-momentum leads, helping sales directors better manage their time. Through dynamic downgrade risk, score change alerts, and filtered reporting, WelcomeHome's Engagement Scoring works on your behalf to keep the right prospect top of mind.  

Results? Early results indicate a 10% + increase in move ins 30 days post implementation.

Learn more about Engagement Scoring below:

How does it work?

As prospects move through their sales cycle, WelcomeHome Engagement Scores on this model will automatically update based on an advanced algorithm that leverages time and engagement.

What is different from the prospect scoring feature?

Although our CRM has always had prospect scoring, the original scoring model relied exclusively on prospect characteristics and knowledge acquisition. While well-documented prospect discovery remains critical, this version now incorporates time and engagement to update scores dynamically.

How will this drive move ins?

Highlighting which prospects are actively engaged and those that are not will provide sales directors with strategic guidance on where and how to focus their time each day to drive move ins efficiently. To gamify the experience, sales directors will gain visibility into which prospects may be disengaged soon so they can reach out and keep them engaged!

What do you mean, engagement?

All activities are not created equal. 45 unanswered bulk emails won’t make a prospect “Hot.” In contrast, prospect-initiated activities, face-to-face visits, and event attendance make it clear a prospect is interested in your community.

What other data is important?

We know that sales directors are busy, but we also know the value of prospect-level data. Any data that provides insight into factors that influence sales cycles, prospect education, and readiness to move will improve scoring accuracy. 

What people are saying?

"The sales directors are elated. This score makes their process so much more efficient by bucketing and highlighting for them." - LCB Senior Living

"WelcomeHome is pushing us to look at leads we might have lost or considered differently. We really love it." - Arrow Senior Living

"The team finds it easy to help determine which prospects have the highest propensity to convert to Ml based on their interactions & engagement score." - Avista Senior Living

Curious about WelcomeHome Engagement Scoring? Get a Demo today!


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