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What to know before you choose

We understand that making the switch to a new CRM is a heavy lift that requires lots of time, research, and elbow grease. Let our team help you answer the tough questions about what to look for in a new software.
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Need help selecting your CRM?

Here are some important things to consider before choosing your next CRM.
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Stay or go
The first step is determining whether to make a change.  Without a clear articulation of why to make a move, you may become unintentionally stuck.
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What do we want
Defining the "must haves" versus the "nice to haves" can be both exciting and tricky.  But, this is the basis for scoring all your options and will set the roadmap for what you get.
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How to decide
Ultimately, you have to select one from many.  Product demonstrations, references and your team's assessments will all combine to select the ideal option.
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Who to involve
Your CRM impacts the lives of more than just your sales team.  Making sure you involve the right people at the right time pays dividends in the short and long-term.
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Who to consider
The CRM landscape is full of options from industry focus or scope of services.  Deciding on who to consider will either narrow or dramatically widen the field.
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What's success
You've gone through all of the time, effort and expense to get to a decision.  Don't stop.  Set it up for success and years of a better, more efficient and effective sales process.
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What matters most to you?

Whether you're a Sales Team Member or a Stakeholder, we have what you need.
Intuitive Design
Automated Workflows
Activity Capture
Structured Data
Sales Team
The CRM that is easy, convenient, and even fun to use
Takes guesswork out of what's next; eliminates mundane tasks
Accelerates responsiveness and streamlines internal communications
Makes outreach just one, simple click away
Saves time by eliminating mundane data entry of what you did
Allows for prospect profiles to be built quicker with less typing
Work when and where you are or need to be
No expensive or time-consuming training; improved adoption
Ensures consistency of your sales processes and business rules
Allows speed to lead to be measured in seconds
Ensures consistency of brand voice and no typos
Tracks what is done, metrics are always current, able to coach & manage
Improves your data quality and offers clean reports
Less downtime for your team and organization
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Listening & Learning

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