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5 Ways WelcomeHome Software CRM Helps Senior Living Communities Improve Resident Satisfaction

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

The Right CRM Provides Untold Benefits to Operators and Residents

The WelcomeHome Customer Relationship Management platform reaches far beyond collecting data. While it offers effective tools to track sales and provide insight to influence – and ultimately improve – the bottom line, it also provides valuable advantages for your community and prospects.

Today we’re giving you the inside scoop on how WelcomeHome’s Senior Living CRM can expand community performance while enhancing prospect and resident satisfaction.

5 Ways Our CRM Benefits Your Community

1. Mobile App  We designed our mobile app to provide full functionality – anywhere and from any device. It allows your sales team to be in contact with a prospect regardless of where they may be. Time is precious, and those minutes or hours lost in returning a phone call, email, or text message, or providing needed information, can be the difference between a prospect choosing your community or moving on to the next one on their list.

2. Event Platforms Personalizing the prospect’s experience is a competitive-edge differentiator. Suppose your community is hosting a luncheon or special activity for new prospects, and the family has expressed that their parents prefer a one-on-one approach.

In that case, our event platform can help you connect more effectively. From a prospect’s profile entered at the time of the inquiry, the event platform can send personalized invitations to prospects and their families based on their preferences.

3. Automations Behind the scenes, our CRM keeps track of dialogues and interactions. But what your prospect experiences is a sales team that intuitively provides support. Nothing is left to chance. WelcomeHome reinforces your sales process, including allowing you to automatically email a tour reminder to a family or prompt an executive director to write a handwritten thank you note.

Our software centralizes your tasks, assisting you with calls, recordings, and transcribing to make it easier to search for information. You can also text, email, and even conduct a virtual video zoom call through the system. Everything is logged – so nothing is lost.

4. Aggregating Leads and Segmentation Launching successful marketing campaigns and effective sales practices requires targeting a specific audience. WelcomeHome gathers, classifies, and segments the information in a centralized location. Wherever you may be receiving leads, such as A Place for Mom or, we can reconcile your aggregator reports.

5. Supporting Leadership and The Bottom Line Collecting and segmenting information helps leadership’s ability to analyze effectiveness with confidence. Our bilateral integrations with all of your systems allow assurance of compliance. Our system can generate reports automatically and email them to your investor groups.

The WelcomeHome CRM At WelcomeHome, our automation tools can help your community increase revenue, create more effective marketing campaigns and provide relevant data to determine best practices.

We prioritize relationships not only while building our CRM but with our customers as well. We know collecting information is the easy part. Our advantage is meeting the challenge of segmenting and delivering data that allows your community to differentiate and gain a competitive edge.


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