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Why We Do This

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

The most common question I get from family members, clients, prospects, new employees and former coworkers is “Why did you start WelcomeHome?”

As with all things, the simplest answer is the best — I wanted to help senior living sales teams.  

In more than a decade of helping hundreds of sales directors, I came to appreciate their humanity, respect their dedication to families and seniors, and marvel at their ability to juggle activities and calendars.  I could have stayed as a consultant to the industry and helped one operator at a time.  But, I thought we could do better.

Our team spent years listening to senior living operators and investors to catalog frustrations and understand their wish list.  Ultimately, that led to the launch of the best CRM serving senior living.

But, a great CRM is the start, not the end!

So, starting in April, WelcomeHome will be hosting (completely free of charge to our users) webinars on Advanced Senior Living Sales and Marketing Tactics to continue to assist our clients in driving higher occupancy rates!  Some will be about using the WelcomeHome platform to accelerate occupancy gains.  But, it will be broader than WelcomeHome.  These webinars will leverage our team’s dozens of years of experience working in sales and marketing along with pulling from expertise provided from both our clients, as well as other industry thought leaders!  

For current WelcomeHome users, be on the lookout for more information.  For those interested in learning more about WelcomeHome, please reach out.


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