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Shifting Senior Living Sales into High Gear for the Busy Holiday Season

In senior living sales, the beginning of fall is when you look forward to the holidays and all the events your community has lined up. Soon, the holiday marketing events you’ve spent months planning and preparing for will be here. Now is the time to review your plans and prep your community’s sales team and the rest of the staff to maximize the sales opportunities presented to you this season.

Tips for Shifting Your Senior Living Sales into High Gear This Holiday Season

Connect with prospects referred to you by professional referral sources

Prospects referred to you by professional referral sources like discharge planners, geriatric care physicians, elder law attorneys, financial planners, and clergy are among the most likely to move to your community – and stay longer. They should be at the top of your list to connect with at this time of year. Follow up with them since your last contact, and set a next step like scheduling a tour or inviting them to one of your holiday events.

Visit prospects who may not be able to get to your community

The holidays can be a time of year when isolated seniors can feel the most lonely. If they cannot visit your community due to mobility or transportation issues, plan to visit them at their home. Bring some special treats like cookies prepared by your community’s chef, or a holiday decoration made by a resident. Try to arrange a Zoom or FaceTime call back to your community’s activity director so the prospect can see how lively and fun the days are as the residents enjoy holiday activities.

Visit your professional referral sources

Wear your ugly holiday sweater, Santa hat, or whatever festive outfit you like, and visit your professional referral sources. Bring a simple but thoughtful gift like a mug with your community’s logo, filled with packets of hot chocolate and peppermint sticks. Be sure to update them on any prospects and residents they referred to you. Invite them to your marketing events.

Get the word out about end-of-year rate promotions

Is your community planning to raise rates at the beginning of the new year? Send out a notification to your prospects by email or text that they can lock in this year’s rates if they act soon and put down a deposit.

How your senior living CRM can help

WelcomeHome has some powerful features to help you maximize your sales efforts during the holiday season:

  • Use WelcomeHome to quickly identify warm and hot prospects and professional referral sources to determine who is a priority to contact and visit.

  • Send bulk announcement emails to your prospects and professional referral sources with the Bulk Email function in Bulk Actions.

  • Send reminder texts to attendees who RSVP’d in the days before a marketing event with WelcomeHome’s integrated texting capability.

  • Use the WelcomeHome Events Portal to automatically track RSVPs and check in the attendees live at the event via the WelcomeHome app.

  • Equip your front desk team with WelcomeHome on a computer or mobile device to mark the people who attended your events.

  • Schedule follow-up activities with each prospect and referral source who attended an event or you visited.

  • Check out our tips and best practices for planning a successful marketing event for a pre-event strategy refresher.

Are you in the market for a new CRM capable of helping you shift your sales into high gear this holiday season? WelcomeHome is a game-changing CRM built specifically for the needs of senior living communities. With its intuitive user interface, recommendation engine, and clear workflows, the WelcomeHome CRM is a powerful tool for both users in the community and owner/operators. Experience what thousands of senior living professionals rely on to make their job easier: request a free demo of WelcomeHome’s CRM today.


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