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Sales Management Tip of the Month: Are You Getting the Most Marketing Mileage From Your Senior Livin

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Your senior living sales CRM is built to manage the sales cycle from the prospect stage to move-in. A CRM is an essential component of a senior living provider’s overall sales system. Leads are expensive to get, and are likewise expensive to lose, so the ability to manage hundreds of prospects – at all different stages in the sales cycle – is fiscally important.  


But are you getting the most marketing mileage out of your CRM? 

Sales moves prospects through the funnel, but marketing brings them to the funnel in the first place. The marketing of senior living communities today relies on a complex mix of technology platforms that promote the senior living communities, attract prospects, educate them, and nurture them on their journey.   

Where is the CRM’s place in the marketing and sales relationship? It’s the bridge between marketing and sales. If you’re not taking advantage of your CRM’s ability to be that bridge – to integrate – then you’re only getting half of the value out of it.

WelcomeHome’s integrations with marketing technology platforms like HubSpot, Roobrik, and others allow you to supercharge the way you connect with your prospects. 

Top Marketing Softwares Used by Senior Living Professionals

Senior living providers rely on a broad array of software every day to operate, including health and billing management, incoming lead generation, business technology platforms, and marketing and automation tools. Below are the top marketing and automation software partners today:


ActiveCampaign’s users love this marketing automation platform for it’s simple to learn and use drag-and-drop automation builder for setting up marketing automation workflows. If you’re looking for a platform that allows your team to set up nurturing campaigns quickly and easily, ActiveCampaign is a strong contender.


ActiveDEMAND is a marketing automation platform with a suite of products and services specifically for the senior living industry. Key components are call tracking, tour booking and prospect appointment scheduling, landing pages, and marketing automation. 

Aging Choices Pro

Aging Choices’ Provider platform moves senior living prospects through the sales funnel by engaging them with customer-friendly surveys and virtual assistants that are customized for the provider. 

Constant Contact

Constant Contact has grown from being a leading email marketing platform to a full-featured suite of marketing tools including managing social posts and paid online ads, list growth tools, and – most importantly – marketing automation. 


G5 is a marketing agency that counts the senior living industry as one of its core areas of focus, and as a result, it really understands the unique challenges of marketing senior living. Its own lead nurturing marketing automation platform successfully turns individuals with an interest in a senior living community into sales prospects.    


Hubspot is arguably the most capable, effective, and well-rounded digital marketing platform out there, and its fans are many. It’s a CRM (although we obviously think WelcomeHome is a better choice specifically tailored for senior living providers!) combined with marketing automation and content management systems. On top of that, it offers customer service and operations software.    


Reputation’s name pretty much sums up what they manage – your company’s digital reputation. Reputation excels at managing business listings and online reviews, keeps your prospects engaged with surveys and other forms of contact, and provides analysis and insights on your reputation. 


Roobrik’s platform connects and engages with your prospects through questionnaires that deliver the information they seek, and at the same time collects useful information that your sales teams can use to stay engaged with them.

Why Integrate? 

There are CRMs out there that claim to help run and manage your marketing efforts. However, it’s worth asking whether these all-in-one systems will successfully meet your marketing requirements. You shouldn’t have to be locked into a CRM that doesn’t ultimately help you reach your goals. WelcomeHome’s open API integration allows you to pick and choose the marketing systems that suit your senior living company best. 

“Our goal is to empower senior living sales and marketing professionals by allowing them to easily use the tools they view as the best for their company and team,” said Emily Norton, WelcomeHome’s Vice President of Customer Success. With WelcomeHome’s integration partners, “users can do more with confidence that sales and marketing are coordinated, and their results are easy to track.”

Get the most out of your senior living CRM! Supercharge it by integrating with the many specialized marketing platforms that bring prospects to your sales team. Don’t see an integration you want or need? Ask WelcomeHome – we’ve built our CRM with an eye on future integrations. Experience for yourself what thousands of senior living professionals rely on to make their job easier: request a free demo of WelcomeHome’s CRM today.


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