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Meet the People of WelcomeHome: Tedros Woldagabriel, Director of Implementation

Welcome to our new series featuring the amazing team at WelcomeHome! Our best-in-class CRM is powered by exceptional individuals who are not only skilled but also outstanding human beings.

We want to introduce you to Tedros Woldagabriel, the Director of Implementation at WelcomeHome. Tedros has more than ten years of experience in the field of Implementation, which he is passionate about because it helps connect technology with real-world applications. You can read more about Tedros' journey to WelcomeHome and his leadership qualities below.

Meet Tedros

  • Describe yourself in 3 words: Authentic, Driven and Adaptable

  • Favorite board game:  Chess

  • Favorite books, movies, or TV shows? Any entertainment that involves the Anime/Superhero genre. Comic books, Manga, anime, Marvel, DC TV shows, and movies.

  • Interests outside of work? Creating Art: Painting, Drawing and Writing

  • Strengths Finder: My #1 strength was "Context"

Journey to WelcomeHome

Originally from Orlando, FL, Tedros pursued his college education at Florida A&M University, an HBCU. His career journey led him to Atlanta, GA, where he initially managed properties on the HUD website. Transitioning to the tech industry, he joined ADP, marking the beginning of his decade-long tenure in software implementation.

Starting in Human Capital Management (HCM), he specialized in various products, including HR, Payroll, benefits, device agents, and time management. Seeking a change after eight years in HCM, he joined Collective[i], an AI software company that exposed him to the realm of CRM software. After nearly two years with Collective[i], he came across WelcomeHome Software, a CRM solution that resonated with him due to its values and impactful work.

Driven by a desire to work with software that could be a "unicorn," he researched WelcomeHome Software and was captivated by its potential. Discovering an opportunity as the Director of Implementation, he interviewed, and it became clear that this was where he could grow professionally and collaborate with exceptional individuals, making it an ideal fit for his career aspirations.

Q & A with Tedros

What do you love about working in Implementation? 

I am passionate about working in Implementation because it allows me to bridge the gap between technology and real-world applications. It allows me to be at the forefront of translating client needs into actionable solutions. I find immense satisfaction in overseeing the seamless integration of software and ensuring its optimal functionality. The dynamic nature of Implementation challenges me to think critically, problem-solve, and engage with clients collaboratively, fostering a continuous learning environment. Witnessing the positive impact of successful implementations on both clients and the organization is incredibly rewarding, and it fuels my enthusiasm for contributing to the transformative power of technology in various industries.

Why WelcomeHome?

Motivated by the ambition to be part of a software solution that stands out as a "unicorn," my exploration led me to WelcomeHome Software. Delving into the company's ethos and potential, I became captivated by its innovative strides. The Director of Implementation role presented a unique opportunity, prompting me to engage in insightful interviews with John and Emily. It swiftly became evident that WelcomeHome Software was a place where I could foster professional growth and collaborate with outstanding individuals. This alignment with my career aspirations made joining WelcomeHome Software an ideal and fulfilling choice.

What makes a successful leader? 

In my perspective, a successful leader goes beyond traditional notions of authority, embodying a genuine investment in their team as both individuals and professionals. Creating an environment that encourages collaboration and idea-sharing is paramount. A leader should recognize and nurture the unique strengths of each team member, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment. Effective leadership is not just about directing tasks but also about instilling confidence, inspiring creativity, and acknowledging the collective strength that arises from diverse perspectives. A leader who values their team members' growth and well-being, personally and professionally, contributes to a positive and dynamic workplace where innovation thrives.

Favorite quote? 

"Wins and losses come a dime a dozen. But effort? Nobody can judge that. Because effort is between you and you."- Ray Lewis


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