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How WelcomeHome Can Help You Maintain Excellent Relationships with Professional Referral Sources

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Are you using your senior living CRM only to manage your prospects?

If you answer yes, we’re here to tell you that it can do much more, like manage your professional referral sources! Read on to learn how WelcomeHome can help you maintain excellent relationships with your senior living professional referral sources.

What is a professional referral source?

Senior living professional referral sources are individuals in your geographical area who frequently deal with older adults and their loved ones as part of their profession and may be able to influence their decisions about senior living.

Professions that make for great senior living professional referral sources include case managers, discharge planners, and social services staff at hospitals and nursing care facilities. That is not an exhaustive list; check out the NIC MAP Vision blog, “Prioritizing Marketing Outreach: Using Professional Referral Sources to Generate Senior Housing Leads,” for other referral sources, you’ll want to seek out and connect with.

Why should professional referral sources be a part of your occupancy growth strategy?

In our 2022 Year in Review Report, we identified some solid reasons why you should be nurturing relationships with professional referral sources:

  • Even though leads from professional referral sources account for just 3% of new leads on average, those leads convert to move-ins at a much higher rate (19%) than other sources, including aggregators (4%) and online (6%).

  • Professional referral source leads also require fewer activities on the salesperson's part to convert to a move-in: 18 activities compared to 93 for online leads and 183 for aggregator leads!

How WelcomeHome helps you manage your professional referral source relationships

Now that you know the whats and whys of senior living professional referral sources, here are some helpful hows to use WelcomeHome to incorporate them into your occupancy growth strategy:

  • Conduct a lead source analysis on your lead bank to see which professional referral sources are the most productive and worthy of personal attention.

  • Research which residents moved in as a result of a referral from a particular professional referral source, then send the professional a personal thank-you note or a small gift.

  • Invite all your professional referral sources to an after-5 networking event at your community or local restaurant by sending a bulk email with the WelcomeHome bulk email function.

  • Schedule visits with your professional referral sources through WelcomeHome’s integration with your Outlook or Google calendars.

  • Make notes about your professional referral sources – like the names of their spouse and kids, their favorite sports teams, where they went to college, or the book they’re currently reading – so you can use those tidbits of information for relationship building the next time you visit them.

  • Set next action steps after a professional referral source visit in WelcomeHome, like sending them an invitation to your next professional networking event or scheduling your next visit.

There is gold to be mined in your area’s professional referral sources, you just need to make them a part of your outreach strategy! WelcomeHome’s built-in tools can make managing relationships with professional referral sources a piece of cake.

Are you in the market for a new senior living CRM? WelcomeHome is a game-changing CRM built specifically to work with the full ecosystem of platforms serving the senior living industry. With its intuitive user interface, recommendation engine, and clear workflows, the WelcomeHome CRM is a powerful tool for both users in the community and owner/operators. Experience for yourself what thousands of senior living professionals rely on to make their job easier: request a free demo of WelcomeHome’s CRM today.


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