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Helping You Deliver the Personal Touch in Senior Living

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Developing the efficiency of your sales team, qualifying and converting leads, and increasing move-in rates are high-ranking priorities in senior living. With those goals in mind, the real question is: how do you provide the highest quality service with a personal touch?

The answer: Choosing the right software system. One that will help you connect better with those you serve by providing high-touch, consistent service.

Will behind-the-scenes technology be the principal differentiator for families when considering senior living? No. But the highest level of compassionate care and human interaction will be. By creating more time for communities to connect with residents and their families, an easy-to-implement and utilize automated administrative system can best support this person-centered industry. 

Yet, helping customers deliver the personal touch is often a challenge for technology. Systems need to be sophisticated enough to handle the industry’s complexities but must also provide a user-friendly simplicity that both leadership and sales teams can embrace. And backup support and any needed customization must be readily available.

When it works?

  1. The correct information is efficiently delivered to the right people.

  2. Owner/operators have access to metrics that can help improve performance.

  3. Sales teams can quickly respond and let prospects know they are heard – which is no small feat in today’s world. 

The WelcomeHome Difference. Made Easy. Made for You.

With its intuitive user interface, recommendation engine, and clear workflows, the WelcomeHome CRM is a game changer for both users in the community and owner/operators. We continue to listen to your feedback, address your challenges, and assist you along the sales process. Here are some ways we have developed WelcomeHome with our customers in mind.

WelcomeHome Features to Help Your Team:

  1. Simple & Intuitive for easy user navigation, whether you are a Sales Director or an Owner

  2. One Touch Email, Calling, and Texting without leaving your CRM

  3. Integration with your calendar, email and phone allows you to manage everything in one place

  4. Virtual Sales Assistant that recommends, records, and, in many instances, executes sales tasks

  5. Configurable using the language and business rules that make sense to you

  6. Prospect & Referrer Management workflows that prioritize both

  7. Actionable and Seamless Reporting that identifies key issues and opportunities

  8. All the Functions, Across All Devices, from talk to text to mapping to calls

Our Ongoing Evaluation So You Can Continue to Keep It Personal 

Because we develop our software solely focusing on the senior living industry, our customers are crucial partners in refining our product as the industry continues to evolve. With our knowledge of the market, flexibility in product design, and close-knit team, we continue to deliver our best so that you can deliver your best.

We invite our customers to share regarding the success of initial implementation and ongoing adoption. Our continuous improvement involves holding ourselves accountable to what our customers say. With 72 5-star Google reviews and an above-industry average NPS score of 84 we believe we are on the right track. The WelcomeHome competitive advantage is listening first, responding quickly to questions, and adapting systems to integrate easily. We are your partner, not just a vendor. Your success is our success.

At WelcomeHome, we aim to deliver software that supports senior living communities to achieve theirs – to provide quality care and a personal touch. 

Ready to get started? Schedule a demo today!


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