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Why WelcomeHome’s Onboarding Process Is the Key to Effortless CRM Implementation

Even the most advanced technology is not worth the investment if your team doesn’t utilize it. Many companies fear signing up for new software because of the length of onboarding or conversion time involved. At WelcomeHome, we see you. We hear you. And we’ve done something about it.

When WelcomeHome Software launched, our first hire was a customer success associate. From day one, we recognized the importance of delivering a seamless customer experience from the first touchpoint through the post-purchase phase. Customer success, regardless of organization size, was (and still is) our top priority.

The WelcomeHome Onboarding Difference We train our teams to have communities up and running on our CRM (customer relationship management) system within 30 days, and offer a 48-hr turnaround for initial data transfer. WHS handles the complete process of pulling data from all your currently used CRM systems or software and uploading it into our system quickly and efficiently. WHS strives to take as much work as possible off our customers’ plate and put it on ours.

What Does the Process Look Like When you sign on with WHS, a Customer Success Manager (CSM) and an Implementation Specialist (IS) are assigned to work with you. The CSM is your main point of contact, arranging training sessions, answering questions, and leading the transition. Your IS will oversee the integration process, account configuration, data transfers, and API Implementation.

Three phases of onboarding:

  1. Custom Configuration and Set-Up This stage entails a Configuration Call with the key decision makers to confirm account configurations and settings; Virtual Team Training for all WelcomeHome users to learn about system functionality and best practices; and Individual Community Follow-Ups where our Customer Success team will reach out to end users at the community level to ensure data accuracy and answer individual user questions.

  2. Training Once the initial onboarding training is complete, designated community team members will receive Corporate Report Training; a Monthly Newsletter with updates on the WelcomeHome team and products along with a recorded webinar to train users on all any new features; and additional Support through Knowledge base training articles.Most importantly, access to our Support Team Monday–Friday by calling (866) 931-1640 or emailing

  3. Continued Training WelcomeHome provides a weekly training webinar for existing users and onboarding new users; Best Practices and Q & A sessions once the new communities are up and running on the WHS platform; and Quarterly Business Reviews providing benchmark metrics from the previous quarter.

Does the Process Differ Depending on the Size of our Organization

The WHS team wants everyone to get the individualized attention they may require. If you are a large provider, we will break up training sessions into smaller groups so that all questions can be addressed. Also, we will tailor the pace of the training to the group’s needs. Your success is our success.

WelcomeHome Software prides itself on providing an onboarding experience that makes you comfortable and adept at using our product.

What Our Clients Have to Say “No new tech rollout is ever 100% smooth, but the initial data dump from PCC into WelcomeHome was pretty darn clean…and that set the stage to get it configured and working the way we wanted quickly.” – Cindy Longfellow, VP Business Development, Sales and Marketing for Juniper Communities


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