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WelcomeHome Unveils New Knowledge Center

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

marketing collateral storage

No more!  WelcomeHome is excited to announce its new Knowledge Center feature. This feature allows you to store all branded collateral, as well as training documents and videos, within your CRM so your team can access everything they need in one centralized location, whether in the office or on the go. Gone are the days where you have to say “let me send that to you when I get back to my computer”.

As a user, you have access to all documents and materials you may need to assist you with the sales process. As an operator, you can make sure your team is sending out the most recent and up-to-date materials. All of this can be done from any computer or mobile device.

Not only can you store documents for reference, but these documents can be quickly selected as email attachments when sending emails to prospects and referrers, making sending additional resources an easy 2-click process!  

To learn more about WelcomeHome, visit or contact us at


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