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WelcomeHome Software Launches Revolutionary CRM for Senior Living

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

WelcomeHome Software

WelcomeHome Software Expands Offering With Launch of Revolutionary CRM for Senior Living.

Today, WelcomeHome Software announced the dramatic expansion of its product offering with the launch of the most modern customer relationship management platform available to senior living operators. 

After 2 years of development with the help of senior living thought leaders, WelcomeHome’s new CRM arms Sales Directors with the latest technology, business intelligence, and communication tools to more efficiently and effectively attract and convert prospects.  “WelcomeHome’s CRM is unlike anything in the market.  It provides the community with a Virtual Sales Assistant, supporting the sales team by executing rote and repetitive administrative tasks automatically.  The software organizes the sales team’s day, recommends next steps, drafts and sends emails, connects calls, and tracks activities.  Our data shows that this saves each salesperson an average of 6 hours per week.” says Debbie Howard, CEO, Senior Living SMART

Vitality Senior Living of Brentwood, Tennessee was one of the first to pilot the software and Amanda Arnouk, Vitality’s Manager of Branding and Marketing, agrees.  “WelcomeHome is a game changer for the senior living industry.  Everything is customizable and has a purpose. As an executive user, I see exactly what I need to. As a daily user, I communicate efficiently with my team and prospects. Users are wasting less time taking notes and more time connecting with prospects. I love how easily we can integrate with other programs, automate tasks, and provide insightful reporting.” 

John Lariccia, WelcomeHome’s co-founder and CEO, shares, “When we set out to build WelcomeHome, our mission was to make the lives of sales and marketing teams easier while improving the economics and operation of their communities.  It is incredibly gratifying to see this level of excitement for what we’ve built.” 

Along with the launch of its CRM, the company also unveiled a redesigned website at  “We want to make everything easier and that includes evaluating and selecting a CRM.  Our new website cleanly and clearly lays out the benefits operators and owners receive when choosing WelcomeHome,” says Emily Norton, Director of Customer Success.  Operators and owners are able to browse the site for more detail on the product, pricing, current integrations and latest news. 

Casey Byrnes, VP, Sales and Marketing at Wickshire Senior Living, spent months evaluating CRM options when launching her company.  She summarizes, “This is hands down the best all-around CRM for senior living.  Period.”

About WelcomeHome

Founded in 2017, WelcomeHome provides leading technology for sales and marketing professionals in the senior living space.  The company’s signature platform is a proprietary customer relationship management (CRM) software system, delivered as a service. Find us on LinkedIn and Facebook or keep up with recent happenings on our blog.

Questions? Reach out to Teddy Helfrich at


Why did WelcomeHome build a CRM?

Our founders have worked with senior living operators for almost 2 decades and consistently heard how frustrated they were with their CRM.  Some looked great but didn’t have robust functionality, whether it was working remotely or having solid data.  And, to be honest, most were developed years ago and haven’t caught up.  We thought senior living operators deserved something a lot better.

WelcomeHome Senior Living CRM on Mobile Phone

What was the process?

We didn’t rush this.  Senior living sales is incredibly complicated and no two operators are alike.  We partnered with several operators as well as senior living sales and marketing executives to first listen to their needs and pain points.  After months of working on different solutions, we started developing our CRM.  But, even after a year of work, we weren’t done.  In our first month of our first pilot, we ended up making 328 changes.

What’s special about WelcomeHome?

WelcomeHome is unique in several ways.  I would highlight 4: Customization, Automation, Reporting, and Mobility.

First, the CRM is incredibly Customizable.  We know operators track different metrics, name stages differently, have different needs when it comes to viewing and sharing information.  With WelcomeHome, everything can be customized to fit with the operator’s language and method of doing business.  And, it can be done with a few clicks by any user.  It doesn’t require any custom code or technical ability.

Second, WelcomeHome has extensive Automation.  We like to think of it as a Virtual Sales Assistant.  Whether it’s immediately responding to inbound web leads with customized text and email messages, prompting Sales Director with recommended next steps for a prospect or referrer, or acting as the switchboard operator connecting calls, automation is core to the system. 

Third, our Reporting is unique.  Most people don’t like to talk about Reporting but we think our approach is exciting.  Structured data not only saves the community team members time but it creates consistency.  Our reports are clear and straightforward.  You can drill down into the underlying data with a single click to understand the whys.  And, like everything else, you can customize who sees what and when, with tiered permissions, scheduled email distributions, and community grouping.

Finally, everything is Mobile and it was designed from the outset to work on the go.  Now more than ever, operators need to be able to work from anywhere.  WelcomeHome allows them to do that, from whatever device.  Users can talk to text, link to their phones mapping tools to get directions, or email, call or text with a tap of a button.

Is now the right time for a new CRM?

Switching CRMs is always difficult but having the best CRM in the hands of your sales and marketing team is more important than ever.  This is especially the case with declining lead volumes and extending timelines to make a decision.

We think the features offered by WelcomeHome are powerful for communities in the current environment. 

First, communities need to be hyper-responsive when new leads come into their system.  WelcomeHome is designed to generate personalized responses by text and email immediately. 

Second, you need to stay in touch with relevant outreach.  WelcomeHome recommends next steps with tailored content. 

Third, you need to be engaging.  WelcomeHome is the only CRM for senior living that integrates with video to make virtual tours easier. 

Finally, we see sales teams working everywhere in the community, from the front desk to the dining room.  Because WelcomeHome was designed with mobile in mind, none of the functionality is lost when they are out of their office with their residents and coworkers.

What results have you seen?

WelcomeHome is about making community sales teams more efficient and effective.  On efficiency, on average, users save 6 hours each week by eliminating wasted effort.  On effectiveness, we have seen improvement in close ratios across the board, with some increasing as much as 12 percentage points.

Where are you going from here?

We have an amazing group of clients excited to use the system every day.  We want to continue to deserve their business and help them succeed.  At the same time, we look to partner with other leading providers looking to bring the very best technology to their sales teams.  


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