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Unwrapping the 12 Insights of Christmas in Senior Living!

Updated: Jan 3

What a remarkable year we've had! And as we wrap up 2023, our Customer Insights team have been working hard to dig through the data to provide you with insights to help power your sales teams to success. We know that this time of year can be exhausting, but don't give up! Persistence is key, and it's important to stay the course, right up until the end of the year.

Here are the 12 Data Insights of Christmas to keep you motivated and inspired in your sales activities all the way into 2024:

  1. The first data insight my WelcomeHome team gave to me ... The industry is closing the year at ~82% occupancy across care types: ~87% IL, ~77% AL, ~78% MC.

  2. Monthly new lead volume grew 10% vs. last year. 15% more inquiries from 65-75 year olds.

  3. Research for senior living for influencers and prospects is starting earlier, but age at move in is staying the same. Many prospects are not yet looking to be sold.

  4. 80% of leads come from online and digital channels. Tip: Give prospects the tools they need to do research on digital channels, and get accurate information.

  5. The fastest communities reach out to half of their prospects within 20 minutes. Having sales coverage and a playbook for outreach is key. 

  6. First touchpoint matters, those contacted by phone are 3X more likely to tour, and tour faster, than those contacted by email.

  7. 50% of leads are going to tour within ~4 days. Those that are high in intentionality to move in, move fast. 

  8. Executive Director post tour follow-up can make all the difference! It has been shown to increase tour to move in by 7%!

  9. 50% of leads will be ready to move in within 30 days. If they take longer, (use the dwell time report), the best thing to do is get them to come in for a re-tour.

  10. The top 10% of activities performers attempt 60+ calls a week.

  11. 30% of re-engaged leads move in. Set a task even if they choose another community.

  12. Work referral partners, and employees, family and friends, and residents referrals convert at 5x the rate of online and aggregator leads and stay longer too.

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