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The Power of Getting out of the Office: the Mobile CRM

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Getting out of the office with a mobile CRM

A CRM needs to keep up. A mobile CRM can allow your sales team to access critical data no matter where they are, seamlessly working on-the-go, whether at a community event, seeing a referrer in their office, or at a home visit.

A mobile CRM is good for your sales team

Your team didn’t join to be tied to their desks. They want to be with people, whether prospects, family members or referrals.

A mobile CRM allows them to work where they want, without compromise.

The best CRMs can deliver the same functionality on users tablets and smartphones, allowing them to:

  1. Access lead and referrer contact information

  2. Single-click communication — call, text and email

  3. Add next steps, linked to the prospect or referrer

  4. See real-time dashboards and occupancy data

  5. Open and share files

With a mobile CRM, every team member has the benefit of complete data, analytics and marketing material at their fingertips, on any device.

It’s good for your referrers and prospects

Referrers and prospects also benefit from having mobile CRM available to your team.

A mobile CRM app can ensure that your referrers and prospects are getting the best service at all times. Your team will have access to the full breadth of information concerning prior interactions with the prospects and referrers, key selling points, and current information about your communities. As a result, prospects and referrers can have meaningful, face-to-face conversations.

It’s good for your business

Research has shown that companies gain an extra 240 hours of productivity each year when employees are able to use mobile devices for work-related purposes.

This is because mobile devices allow users the freedom to work from wherever suits them best.

In addition, for senior living operators, the benefit to a community’s occupancy from more face-to-face time with family members, seniors and their influencers has been well-documented.

Ultimately, everyone wins when a team is able to use a mobile CRM. To learn more, reach out. We’d love to talk.


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