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Segment-Based Selling in Senior Living

The decision to move into a senior living community is deeply personal.  Every prospect and their family have a unique set of circumstances that brought them to your doorstep and each has a unique set of considerations that will influence them in moving into their new home.

But, the reality is there are commonalities that knit prospects together into distinct segments and knowing which segment your prospect is in helps you prepare and engage with them with almost a sixth sense for what’s most likely on their mind as well as a better intuition for how they want to engage.

During our inaugural webinar on Advanced Sales Tactics for Senior Living, Teddy Helfrich and I shared our collective experience with Segment-Based Selling and started a dialogue with our customers on how to bring it to life.

What came through was encouraging.  Namely, many sales teams are engaging in segment-based selling today, some without thinking about it.   When they price qualify, they are re-directing “budget shoppers” to other options.   When they tailor their approach to veterans, anticipating what is top of mind for them and resources that can be helpful to that shared group, they are segment selling.

Ultimately, segment-based selling is simply a way to more formally think and plan by asking:

  1. Who is involved?

  2. What are their hurdles and motivations?

  3. How do they want to engage?

And, them taking those answers and seeing what natural groups occur.  From there, you can get to know your community’s “sweet spots,” plan for each interaction, and use your (and your prospect’s) time well.

If you missed the webinar and would like a recording, or simply want to engage in a discussion about what’s worked best for you, please reach out.


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