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Marrying Marketing and Sales Platforms

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

In a typical year, over 10M seniors will consider moving into a community.  But, only a small fraction — less than 8% — will actually move in!

But, what about the other 9M who don’t?  Do they simply go away?

Of course not.  But, for your sales team, they can’t spend valuable time talking with every possible prospect.

That’s where marketing automation and WelcomeHome can help.

WelcomeHome is the only CRM in the senior living industry that fully integrates with HubSpot.

When seniors and their families are in the nurture stage, gathering information on a community’s website, taking surveys, downloading brochures, that information is stored within HubSpot or another marketing automation platform.  Once the family is ready to visit with a community or talk with a sales professional, all of that prior activity is automatically recorded in their record within the CRM.  So, the sales person knows more about the senior from the first minute.

Almost as importantly, as the senior moves through the sales process, that information is fed back to HubSpot.  This allows your marketing team to know what tactics are working.

Seamless integration to make community operations better.  That’s what WelcomeHome is about.


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