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March User of The Month: Gina Thompson

We love seeing our users succeed and celebrating their wins! Each month, we highlight an outstanding user in our customer newsletter and one winner for remarkable performance throughout the year. For March, we'd like to feature Gina Thompson, Director of Sales and Marketing at Allara Senior Living.

Here are some fun facts about Gina!

Her activities include: 

  • Spending every day in WelcomeHome via our website and our mobile app, adding up to just around 107 hours! 

  • Conducting over 200 calls using WelcomeHome’s call functionality, sending 228 texts, and was a champion on her day planner.

Gina has ensured that there are next steps for every single one of her prospects and WelcomeHome knows that she’ll continue to be a rockstar the rest of the year!

Congratulations, Gina, on this well-deserved recognition for your outstanding performance.


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