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April User of The Month: Chrissy Rae Houseman

Updated: May 10

We love seeing our users succeed and celebrating their wins! Each month, we highlight an outstanding user in our customer newsletter and one winner for remarkable performance throughout the year. For April, we'd like to feature Chrissy Rae Houseman, Regional Sales Specialist, Grace Management Inc.

Here are some fun facts about Chrissy!

Her activities included:

  • Spending every day in WelcomeHome and logging a total of 120 hours!

  • Conducting over 240 calls using WelcomeHome’s call functionality and sent 374 individual emails from WelcomeHome (very impressive!).

  • Ensuring that she got credit for all her sales activity by logging 139 activities in WelcomeHome and even ensured her teams were set up for success by scheduling out 633 activities.

Congratulations, Chrissy, on this well-deserved recognition for your outstanding performance.


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