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How WelcomeHome’s Integration with PointClickCare Benefits Your Senior Living Community

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

When it comes to delivering comprehensive technology services in the senior living industry, integration is key. WelcomeHome’s integration with PointClickCare provides communities with another competitive advantage – data sharing while ensuring accuracy and transparency between sales, marketing, health, and billing management.

WelcomeHome’s ability to configure and integrate your sales activities in one place, including calendars, emails, calls, and texts, creates a more effective sales team. Integrating platforms takes this advantage further as it allows the outside programs you rely on to all be shared in one database.

The result? Improved efficiency and functionality as the separate platforms communicate seamlessly and allow owners, operators, sales teams, and prospects to do the same.

PointClickCare and WelcomeHome: The Benefits of Integrating

Integrating with PointClickCare, a leading healthcare software provider, allows the one-touch transferring of prospective residents’ information to their system. Continuous updates of a resident’s Admission, Discharge, and Transfer data from PointClickCare into WelcomeHome’s Occupancy board and prospect files are also delivered.

As data flows directly from the PointClickCare platform into the WelcomeHome CRM, communities can access more personalized profiles and engagement points. Organizing a prospect’s collected data and sharing essential information provides easy tracking, all contributing to increased speed-to-leads.

Other features that benefit your senior living community include:

  1. A bi-directional system. Essential information flows both from and to WelcomeHome and PointClickCare.

  2. Occupancy information is reflected in WelcomeHome’s database. As new resident data is received from PointClickCare, customers maintain easy access from one system.

  3. WelcomeHome’s Occupancy Board is available in real-time. This visual representation of a community’s occupancy allows sorting and filtering of specific units, care types, and floor plans categorized as occupied, vacant, or on notice.

  4. PointClickCare is highly customizable. Their system allows WelcomeHome to again work with each of our customers to configure in a way that best fits their needs.

PointClickCare developed its platform to help providers meet the challenges of value-based healthcare effectively. Today, more than 26,000 skilled nursing facilities, senior living communities, and home health agencies rely on PointClickCare as their innovative solutions transform how care is delivered.

WelcomeHome recognizes the importance of data collection and collaboration for communities as each team member involved with a prospective resident navigates the many touch points along the senior living journey. Integrations are one solution to continue evolving our platform to serve the industry’s needs better.


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