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How WelcomeHome Helps Senior Communities Move Prospects in Sooner and Extend Length of Stay

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

As the senior living industry grows, operators continue to face the challenge of attracting the right prospects and retaining residents. In today’s competitive market, operators stay ahead by implementing innovative solutions that help generate move ins sooner and extend the length of stay for as long as possible, which ultimately is a win-win for everyone involved.

WelcomeHome Software helps operators overcome this challenge by providing a powerful tool that can help streamline the sales processes, improve occupancy rates, help move-in prospects sooner, and extend the length of time a resident is in a community.

From the prospect’s standpoint, delaying the process could mean a bigger chance for the decline in health and also additional stress on loved ones and family. According to recent studies, the average time for someone to move into a senior living community is six to nine months. That’s a long time to wait if the person’s health is in a state of rapid deterioration. Research has shown that the longer a senior delays moving into a community, the more likely they are to experience a decline in cognitive and physical abilities. With dementia, the decline can be incredibly rapid, so engaging people when they first start looking for a senior living community is even more important.

From the perspective of the community, having a resident with you longer is culturally, clinically and fiscally beneficial. Creating a robust community that aids in the prevention of isolation is important to the vitality of all people. When health and wellness resources are provided earlier, the resident is better abled mentally and physically, again strengthening the individual and community. With earlier intervention, there is an opportunity to improve quality of life and potentially extend life, especially when considering the perils of living at home, such as falls and wandering.

The WelcomeHome team is aware of these concerns and built our platform to provide the best-in-class solution to accelerate move-ins and extend the length of stay for the benefit of both the potential resident and operator.

Key features of our CRM include:

  1. helping sales and marketing teams engage leads more effectively

  2. documenting what marketing efforts are generating the leads, and scheduling outreach communications and reminder prompts

  3. providing powerful lead management tools that help communities keep track of all prospects from the first inquiry to the move-in date

  4. a centralized platform for all communication, follow-up tasks, and documentation, sales teams can ensure that no leads get lost

Moving in sooner benefits the prospect, their family, and the senior living community. The new resident can enjoy their new surroundings, obtain needed assistance and care, and build relationships with staff and other residents. Their families can feel relief that their loved one is being cared for in a loving, safe environment created to protect aging adults. The senior living community can begin providing health, wellness, and safety protocols and programs sooner to improve quality of life and extend the length of stay.

WelcomeHome is here to help.

Schedule a demo today to help your community drive move-ins and extend the length of stay.


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