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5 Tips and Tricks That Experienced WelcomeHome Users Implement To Win

Experienced WelcomeHome users know a thing or two about how to take advantage of all the features that our CRM has to offer. We sat down with Ryann Lee, our Director of Customer Success, and asked her to share the features that super users of WelcomeHome are utilizing to reach their goals. Here are five tips and tricks that you can put into action as a WelcomeHome user!

  1. Save Time with Talk to Text! With this very accurate Talk to Text feature on your desktop you can speak your notes, save the activity and you are good to go! This will help you save time in the long run and allows you to quickly keep important information connected to prospects.

  2. Utilize Text Messaging With more and more younger demographics inquiring and being involved in helping seniors find AL communities, it's important to reach your audience where they want to be reach. These younger audiences are more likely to respond to texts, especially if they are busy working; in and out of meetings during the day. Texting is also the way of the future for sales directors - growing the personal connection to people through quick text messaging allows the sales conversations to move forward easily. Using text messaging at important moments in the sales journey keeps the prospect aware and engaged!

  3. Score Your Leads & Referrers Our Year in Review 2022 (download here) data tells us that referrers in your community are sending over the most qualified leads and they are staying 2x as long! Score your leads (hot/warm/cool) and stay in contact and focused on hot leads. Hot leads have a higher likelihood of engaging with you and you will stay top of mind for them as well. You can also use the scoring to create additional activities for each type of score.

  4. Sort Your Day Planner Make your day planner work for you not against you! For example, you can sort the day planner by activity type, then if you have a block of no meetings, schedule your time for sales calls in that block. Or sort by prospect and referrer score, and then create activity to reach out to that specific group! Being intentional about how you're viewing your day planner means you can use the time efficiently and effectively!

  5. Take Advantage of Your Bulk Email Dashboard This dashboard gives you insights into email engagement that you can use to your advantage! After sending out an event invite email, you can see who has opened your email, and then you can follow up with the contacts who've opened the emails and also the ones that haven't! This cool feature allows you to cross reference the invite list with the open list, asses the engagement, and refresh your email efforts.

WelcomeHome is made easy and made for you. We believe that all of the CRM features in WelcomeHome can help you accomplish you goals. If you have any additional questions about the features we've described here or other features we haven't mentioned, contact us today!


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