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WelcomeHome Announces Integration with Zoom to Make Virtual Tours and Videoconferencing Easier

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Now, with a click of a button, sales teams can schedule videoconferences and virtual tours without leaving their CRM.  In addition, all of the functionality of WelcomeHome — from reminder emails to automated tracking and recording of activity — applies to videoconferences just like it would with calls and in-person meetings.

“We are continuously listening to the needs of our customers and bringing them the best technology, accessed in the easiest and most natural way,” said WelcomeHome’s founder, John Lariccia.   “All of us would prefer to meet face-to-face and establish personal connections with our prospective residents.  But, with Zoom, operators have the next best thing.”

To learn more about WelcomeHome, visit or contact us at


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