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Senior Living Sales Best Practices In the Age of COVID-19

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

There are some bright spots, however.  First, with some isolated exceptions, evidence is emerging that senior living is one of the safest places for a senior.  With vigilant monitoring, the rate and severity of coronavirus infections are encouragingly low.  Second, while move-ins have slowed so have move-outs as families appreciate the care and attention being provided.  Finally, lead banks are growing as prospective residents aren’t closing out but merely delaying their decisions.

There is cautious optimism that things will turn around as the year progresses.  Here at WelcomeHome, we are looking at what the sales teams at great operators are doing (and how a great CRM can help).

Focusing on their current residents

It may seem obvious but the best sales teams recognize that the wellbeing of their current residents pays future dividends.  A community with happy and healthy residents sells itself and generates referrals from friends and family.  So, sales teams are lending a hand, whether visiting with residents, delivering meals, or cleaning.

But, taking on more roles doesn’t mean Sales Directors having to sacrifice “tending to their day jobs.”  The best CRM systems are mobile, allowing Sales Directors to respond by phone, text or email, wherever they are and whatever they are doing.  In addition, the best systems can be configured to offer auto-responders with personalized messages to the family, referrer or senior.    So, they can be available for current and future residents.

Embracing virtual

The decision to move into senior living is highly personal and the best sales teams form an emotional connection with the family and future resident.  As the saying goes, if a picture is worth a thousand words, video is priceless.  Now, it is easier than ever for operators to send short videos instead of emails via tools like OneDay and HeartLegacy.  And, virtual tours and calls are increasingly conducted real-time with video conference platforms.

As an example, WelcomeHome is the first and only CRM to integrate with Zoom.  With a click of a button, sales teams can schedule, initiate and record videoconferences from within their CRM.

Investing the Time to Learn More

The decisionmaking process is lengthening.  More often than not, it’s “not now” versus “not ever”.  So, the best sales teams plan for a longer process with more touchpoints and data gathering to help seniors and their families make informed choices.  But, more time can lead to more falling through the cracks.  Having a CRM that dynamically organizes next steps and easily captures information ensures that the journey, even if longer, is seamless.

Times are unquestionably hard right now.  But, WelcomeHome is here to make it easier.

To learn more, please reach out.


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