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2023 User of the Year

We love seeing our users succeed and celebrating their wins! Each month, we highlight an outstanding user in our customer newsletter and one winner for remarkable performance throughout the year. For 2023, we'd like to feature Elizabeth Hanson, Director of Sales at Cedarhurst of Arnold

We featured her as the user of the month in 2022, but she is a clear winner for all of 2023 as our user of the YEAR! 

Here are some fun facts (other than growing occupancy to 100%!) about Elizabeth.

Her activities include: 

  • spending 326/365 days of 2023 in WelcomeHome

  • spending 73,410 minutes in WelcomeHome in 2023 (#7 out of all users)

  • making 3,982 calls (#6 out of all users)

  • sending 3,713 emails (#2 out of all users)

  • scheduling 9,713 activities (#2 out of all users)

  • adding 355 prospects (top 10 out of all users)

Elizabeth is the gold standard of our user base and we are so thankful for her! Congrats, Elizabeth!


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