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Tips For Providing Senior Living Prospects With Valuable Content During Their Move In Journey

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Evaluating senior living communities can be challenging for older adults and their families. High emotions and uncertainty often shape conversations leading up to the decision. Although a higher quality of life is frequently achieved once a community becomes home, the prospect can meet the journey to move in with hesitancy, fear, and frustration.

Imagine the positive experience for prospects if you immediately conveyed how today’s communities have changed. It’s not about abandoning home but creating a new one. It’s not a loss of freedom but a support system for residents to make their own choices. It’s not about one-size-fits-all programs but respecting individual preferences and needs.

From the moment of initial contact to the move in day, WelcomeHome has the tools your community needs to interact with prospects and families individually. By sharing valuable and relevant information at key stages along the decision-making process, you give the prospect and families a preview of the ongoing person-centered care they will continue to experience.

Providing useful and relevant information at key stages during the decision-making process is more effective and helpful. Find out how WelcomeHome makes sharing this information easy for you.

Building a Continuous Dialogue  When contact is made with a senior living community using the WelcomeHome Software CRM, a prospect’s pathway from inquiry to tour to move in is marked with a high degree of personalization. This customization is possible as the CRM collects and stores information in one easily accessible place throughout the process.

From the moment of contact, the CRM:

  1. Records the prospect’s desired communication (phone, text, or email) and frequency

  2. Collects data on the prospect and stores it in WelcomeHome’s centralized platform

  3. Creates a timeline within the system based on the urgency of the inquiry to find a community

  4. Enables push notifications or preprogrammed personalized messaging to ensure outreach is conducted at optimal times and using preferred communication methods

Providing a Meaningful Journey From an initial inquiry, WelcomeHome’s CRM provides access to the information collected on the prospect in an easily displayed format. This ensures conversation continuity and improves the prospect’s journey quality. Sales team members can build a strong connection between the community and the prospect using this relevant data. Sharing the same information allows fluidity in the process.

Additionally, the CRM records and stores all of the prospect’s questions in the software. Targeted information responding to specific concerns or questions helps the family confidently move the process forward. The sales team can start addressing these more specific needs rather than just responding at a higher level.

Familiarity with the Prospect is Key  Again, every communication – via telephone, text, or email – with the prospect or their family is entered into the CRM. The software records preferences and conversations, enabling a continuous discourse (one that is not fragmented by repetitive questions or offering irrelevant information).

Prospects and families feel heard. Whether communication comes from an individual or team, no steep learning curve needs to be overcome. All the information gathered on the prospect is readily available to everyone on the sales team.

Aggregating the Data By seeing all the data and needs of a prospect at once – medical, financial, social, health, and wellness – you will be better able to make recommendations regarding your community’s services. Your prospects will feel understood and confident in your ability to help them.

Using the WelcomeHome CRM, you build a stronger connection through enhanced conversations with prospects, with a complete picture of their abilities, preferences, and needs. You have access to a rich customer profile so that you can fully understand each person and speak with them intimately. And, by delivering a value-added experience, we know you will enjoy quality results.

The first impression made with your prospects sets the stage for what you will deliver. Representing your community with this level of attention shows families you understand the importance of the decision, the personal preferences that need to be honored, and how effectively you will serve their loved ones and support them.


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